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Go Online Now Automation Software Overview:

If you’re in the education sector, navigating the challenges of customer acquisition is a crucial task. The competitive landscape demands effective strategies to attract and retain students, making automation tools like Go Online Now Automation Software indispensable.

Go Online Now Automation Software, our SaaS-powered solution, is designed to address the unique challenges of the education industry. It excels in managing customer data, enhancing engagement, and optimizing marketing efforts. More than just automation, it streamlines administrative tasks for educational institutions.

With Go Online Now Automation Software, 2-Way Text Messaging, GMB Messaging, and Web Chat features ensure seamless communication between tutors and students, creating a dynamic and collaborative online learning environment. The Reputation Management tool allows educational business owners to monitor and enhance their online presence, building a credible and trustworthy tutoring brand.

The integration of Facebook Messenger and GMB Call Tracking extends communication channels, ensuring accessibility and flexibility. The Missed Call Text Back and Text to Pay features address missed opportunities, providing a convenient and secure payment process for students.

Go Online Now Automation Software’s CRM system serves as a centralized hub for storing and organizing essential student information, enabling personalized tutoring approaches. Email Marketing, SMS and Email Templates streamline communication, while Forms, Surveys, Funnels, and Workflow Management tools facilitate data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

The Calendar feature ensures efficient scheduling, while Memberships & Courses, Websites, Blogs, and Affiliate Manager contribute to a holistic online presence. The Social Planner enhances social media management, and All Reports provide comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

Efficient financial management is ensured with Invoicing, while the integration of Content AI enhances content creation and customization options, delivering engaging and personalized learning experiences. Go Online Now Automation Software stands as a complete solution, empowering educational business owners to navigate the complexities of the education sector with automation and efficiency.

Key Features of Go Online Now for Education:

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2-Way Text Messaging:

Go Online Now Automation Software facilitates seamless communication between tutors and students through 2-way text messaging. This real-time messaging system allows for immediate interaction, enabling tutors to address queries, provide timely feedback, and create a collaborative online learning environment. With this feature, communication becomes a dynamic and integral part of the tutoring experience.

  • Elevate customer communication with real-time, two-way conversations.
  • Enhances engagement and demonstrates commitment to individual customer needs.
  • Facilitates quick issue resolution, building a stronger connection with your audience.
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GMB Messaging:

Google My Business (GMB) messaging is integrated into Go Online Now automation software, enhancing communication channels for tutors. This feature enables tutors to connect with students using GMB, addressing inquiries and providing support. The inclusion of GMB messaging ensures that tutors can engage with students across various platforms, creating a versatile and accessible communication environment.

  • Boost local business visibility by connecting directly with customers through Google My Business.
  • Enables direct communication with potential customers, enhancing conversion chances.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction through a convenient and familiar communication channel.
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Web Chat:

Transform your website into an interactive hub with our Web Chat feature. Instantly provide support and capture leads in real-time, creating a seamless and engaging online experience for visitors. This innovative functionality goes beyond traditional messaging systems, allowing students and tutors to interact conveniently within the platform. The Web Chat feature promotes accessibility and flexibility, ensuring that learning is not confined to specific channels. It significantly enhances the overall convenience of the online tutoring process, offering a dynamic and interactive communication platform.

  • Transform your website into an interactive hub for seamless and engaging online experiences.
  • Offers instant support, reducing bounce rates and capturing leads in real-time.
  • Enhances user experience by providing a direct communication channel on your website.
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Reputation Management:

Building and maintaining a reputable online tutoring brand is vital for success. Go Online Now automation software includes reputation management tools that empower educational business owners to monitor and enhance their online presence. This feature allows for strategic management of reviews, ratings, and overall brand perception, contributing to the credibility and trustworthiness of the tutoring service.

  • Safeguard and enhance your brand image by actively monitoring and managing online reviews.
  • Builds trust with potential customers through a strong online reputation.
  • Improves customer loyalty and retention by showcasing commitment to feedback.
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Facebook Messenger Integration:

Go Online Now automation software goes beyond traditional communication methods by integrating Facebook Messenger. This feature enhances the convenience for students and tutors to interact, ensuring that the learning process is not confined to a single platform. Facebook Messenger integration promotes accessibility and flexibility, fostering a dynamic and adaptable online tutoring environment.

  • Seamlessly integrate Facebook Messenger into your communication strategy.
  • Leverages a widely used social platform, expanding business visibility.
  • Enhances brand awareness and engagement through direct interactions on a popular social media channel.
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GMB Call Tracking:

Understanding the effectiveness of marketing strategies is crucial for attracting students. Go Online Now automation software includes Google My Business (GMB) call tracking, providing valuable insights into the impact of marketing efforts. This feature allows educational business owners to make data-driven decisions, optimize their marketing strategies, and enhance visibility to attract more students.

  • Gain valuable insights into marketing efforts with GMB Call Tracking.
  • Provides actionable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing channels.
  • Optimizes marketing budget allocation by focusing on the most successful channels.
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Missed Call Text Back:

In a fast-paced online education environment, missed opportunities can hinder growth. Go Online Now automation software addresses this with the missed call text back feature. Tutors can efficiently follow up on missed inquiries, ensuring that no potential student inquiries are overlooked. This feature contributes to a proactive and responsive approach to student engagement.

  • Never miss a business opportunity by automatically responding to missed calls with text messages.
  • Enhances customer experience by acknowledging missed calls and offering immediate responses.
  • Ensures no lead goes unattended, providing a non-intrusive way to reconnect with potential customers.
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Text to Pay:

Go Online Now automation software streamlines the payment process with the text to pay feature. This secure and convenient payment option allows students to complete transactions effortlessly. Tutors can offer a smooth and efficient payment experience, ensuring that financial transactions are seamlessly integrated into the online tutoring platform.

  • Simplify and expedite payment processes by allowing customers to make payments through text messages.
  • Streamlines the payment process, enhancing customer experience and accelerating payment cycles.
  • Enhances cash flow with a quick and efficient payment method.
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CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

Go Online Now's automation software CRM system is a comprehensive tool that goes beyond traditional databases. It serves as a holistic approach to student management, allowing educational business owners to store and organize essential student information. The CRM provides tutors with valuable insights, including progress reports, communication history, and learning preferences. This feature empowers educators to tailor their teaching methods and approaches for each individual student, enhancing the personalization and effectiveness of the tutoring experience.

  • Transform customer relationships with a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Centralizes customer data for a 360-degree view, enhancing relationship building and customer retention.
  • Improves customer retention by providing a holistic understanding of customer needs and preferences.
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Email Marketing:

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, Go Online Now automation software includes robust email marketing capabilities. This feature allows educational business owners to craft targeted and personalized messages, including newsletters, course updates, and promotions. Email marketing creates a sense of community, keeping learners informed and motivated, ultimately fostering stronger student engagement.

  • Elevate your marketing strategy with targeted Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Drives conversions through strategic email communication at various stages of the customer journey.
  • Enhances audience engagement through personalized and relevant email content.
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SMS and Email Templates:

In the fast-paced world of online education, time is of the essence. Go Online Now automation software acknowledges this by providing pre-built SMS and email templates. This feature streamlines communication processes, allowing educational business owners to send standardized yet personalized messages with just a few clicks. Whether it's sending out reminders, sharing important announcements, or providing feedback, the templates ensure that communication is efficient, consistent, and tailored to the unique needs of each student.

  • Save time and maintain consistency with our SMS and Email Templates.
  • Streamlines communication processes and ensures message consistency across all channels.
  • Facilitates quicker response times and requires periodic updates to keep templates relevant.
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Go Online Now automation software empowers educators with tools for creating forms. This feature facilitates the collection of valuable insights from students, whether for feedback, surveys, or other informational purposes. Forms contribute to a structured and organized approach in managing student data, enhancing the efficiency of educational processes.

  • Capture valuable customer information and feedback effortlessly with our Forms feature.
  • Enhances customer engagement through interactive and user-friendly forms.
  • Provides insights into customer preferences and behavior for informed decision-making.
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Understanding student needs and feedback is paramount for continuous improvement. Go Online Now automation software includes a survey feature that enables educators to gather in-depth insights. This tool allows educational business owners to collect specific feedback, preferences, and opinions from students, contributing to informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

  • Gather insights from your audience with our Surveys feature.
  • Strengthens customer relationships by showing a commitment to understanding their needs.
  • Facilitates data-driven decision-making through comprehensive survey analysis.
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Guide your prospects through a structured journey with our Funnels feature. Increase conversion rates and optimize the sales process with a well-designed sales journey. Go Online Now automation software introduces a funnel management feature that provides a structured and organized approach to educational processes. These Funnels seamlessly guide students through various stages, from onboarding to course completion, ensuring a smooth and engaging learning journey. This innovative feature not only enhances the efficiency of educational processes but also contributes to a positive and enriching student experience.

  • Guide prospects through a structured journey with our Funnels feature.
  • Streamlines the sales process and improves overall efficiency in lead conversion.
  • Increases conversion rates by optimizing the customer's path from awareness to purchase.
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Workflow Management:

Workflow - Boost efficiency and productivity with our Workflow feature. Automate repetitive tasks and processes to save time and resources. In the realm of online education, effective workflow management is essential. Go Online Now automation software offers tools to facilitate a structured approach to tasks and processes. This feature ensures that educational business owners can seamlessly organize and streamline their operations, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness in managing various aspects of their tutoring service.

  • Boost efficiency and productivity with our Workflow feature.
  • Frees up time for employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.
  • Initial setup and customization may be required for specific business processes.
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Efficient scheduling is essential in the online education landscape, and Go Online Now automation software addresses this with a calendar management feature. This tool allows tutors to organize their time effectively, ensuring that appointments, classes, and other commitments are scheduled in a coherent and efficient manner.

  • Manage appointments, events, and meetings seamlessly with our Calendar feature.
  • Minimizes scheduling conflicts and improves overall time management.
  • Enhances communication and coordination among team members and clients.
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Memberships & Courses:

Go Online Now automation software goes beyond tutoring-specific features by offering memberships and courses management. This feature enables educational business owners to diversify their offerings, providing a range of educational services to cater to different student needs. The memberships and courses feature contributes to a well-rounded and dynamic tutoring platform.

  • Expand revenue streams by offering exclusive Memberships & Courses.
  • Diversifies income sources, reducing dependency on a single revenue stream.
  • Enhances customer loyalty by providing added value and exclusive content.
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Websites and Blogs:

A strong online presence is crucial for educational businesses, and Go Online Now automation software provides tools for website and blog creation. This feature allows educational business owners to establish and maintain a professional online presence, attracting and engaging students. Websites and blogs contribute to the visibility and credibility of the tutoring service.

  • Establish a strong online presence with our Websites feature.
  • Increases credibility and trust among potential customers visiting your website.
  • Allows for customization to reflect brand identity and showcase products/services.
  • Enhance your content marketing strategy with our Blogs feature.
  • Establishes your business as an industry authority through valuable and informative content.
  • Drives organic traffic to your website, improving SEO and brand visibility.
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Affiliate Manager:

Go Online Now automation software includes an affiliate manager feature, exploring collaborative opportunities within the education sector. This tool facilitates partnerships and collaborations with affiliates, expanding the reach of educational services. The affiliate manager feature contributes to a networked and collaborative approach to growth in the online education landscape.

  • Expand your reach and increase sales with our Affiliate Manager feature.
  • Generates additional revenue through commission-based sales facilitated by affiliates.
  • Leverages the networks and audiences of affiliate partners for wider visibility.
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Social Planner:

Effective social media management is essential for online visibility, and Go Online Now's automation software social planner allows educational business owners to plan and schedule social media content. This feature ensures a consistent and strategic approach to social media engagement, contributing to increased visibility and brand awareness.

  • Streamline your social media marketing efforts with our Social Planner feature.
  • Improves overall brand visibility and audience reach through regular and targeted social media posts.
  • Facilitates strategic planning of social media content for better audience engagement.
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All Reports:

Comprehensive reporting tools in Go Online Now automation software provide insights into various aspects of the tutoring business. This feature facilitates informed decision-making by presenting data on student progress, marketing effectiveness, and other key metrics. The all reports feature empowers educational business owners to adapt strategies based on real-time data, ensuring a proactive and data-driven approach to business management.

  • Access comprehensive insights with our All Reports feature.
  • Facilitates strategic planning and optimization based on real-time and historical performance data.
  • Offers insights into various business metrics, enabling proactive strategy adjustments.
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Efficient financial management is integral to the success of any business, and Go Online Now automation software streamlines the invoicing process. This feature ensures timely and accurate transactions, contributing to the overall financial health of educational businesses. Invoicing is seamlessly integrated into the platform, providing a user-friendly and efficient financial management solution.

  • Streamline billing processes with our Invoicing feature.
  • Improves cash flow and financial transparency through timely and organized invoicing.
  • Enhances accuracy in invoicing, minimizing errors and discrepancies.
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Content AI:

Go Online Now automation software integrates Content AI to enhance content creation and customization options. This advanced feature provides educational business owners with tools to create engaging and personalized learning content for their students. The Content AI functionality ensures that the platform not only manages financial aspects seamlessly but also empowers educators to deliver high-quality and tailored educational experiences.

  • Harness the power of artificial intelligence for content creation and optimization.
  • Increases productivity by automating routine content-related tasks.
  • Enhances content quality through AI-powered automation and intelligent recommendations.
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Empower your business growth with Opportunities, seamlessly integrated into our SaaS-powered platform. This dynamic feature centralizes lead and deal management, optimizing your sales processes for improved conversion rates and revenue generation. Opportunities acts as your strategic ally, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. Effortlessly track, prioritize, and capitalize on potential clients within a centralized platform, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed.

  • Maximize business potential by effectively managing and capitalizing on leads, deals, and potential clients.
  • Facilitates effective lead and deal management, optimizing sales processes.
  • Improves conversion rates by identifying and capitalizing on high-potential opportunities.


Go Online Now automation software stands out as a comprehensive solution for educational institutions seeking effective customer acquisition. Its powerful features, including robust email and SMS marketing, appointment scheduling, social media integration, and automated follow-ups, make it an essential tool in expanding the customer base for educational institutions. If you’re in the education sector and looking for an effective way to attract new students, Go Online Now automation software could be the solution you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go Online Now Automation Software facilitates seamless communication through features such as 2-Way Text Messaging, GMB Messaging, Web Chat, Facebook Messenger Integration, and Missed Call Text Back. These tools ensure real-time interaction, addressing queries, providing timely feedback, and fostering a collaborative online learning environment. The platform’s diverse communication channels promote accessibility and flexibility, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Go Online Now prioritizes the reputation of educational businesses with tools like Reputation Management and Google My Business (GMB) Call Tracking. The Reputation Management feature allows monitoring and enhancement of online presence, ensuring a credible tutoring brand. GMB Call Tracking provides valuable insights into marketing strategy effectiveness, enabling data-driven decisions. These features collectively contribute to a strong online reputation, attracting more students and boosting visibility in the competitive education sector.

Absolutely. Go Online Now Automation Software goes beyond communication features, offering tools like CRM, Email Marketing, SMS and Email Templates, Forms, Surveys, Funnels, and Workflow Management. These features collectively streamline administrative tasks, enabling efficient data management, targeted communication, and structured educational processes. The platform’s holistic approach empowers educational business owners to optimize their operations and focus on student growth and development.

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