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Go Online Now, based in Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines, is a global digital marketing powerhouse that launches businesses into the digital stratosphere. Our unrivaled portfolio of digital marketing services gives businesses a competitive advantage. We orchestrate a comprehensive digital marketing paradigm, blending established methods with cutting-edge innovations, guiding you to triumph in the dynamic digital arena, guided by a seasoned team of professionals.

Our expertise is steeped in the specialist domains of Education, Healthcare, and Real Estate, resulting in a customized approach that connects with the unique dynamics of your business. We work together to create a bespoke marketing strategy that reflects your company’s essence, captivates your audience, and amplifies your industry presence. Beyond strategy, we provide you with a performance dashboard that serves as a compass for assessing your milestones and monitoring the direction of your business growth.

Engage with us to confidently navigate the digital landscape. Your digital journey with Go Online Now is fueled by experience, guided by passion, and built for success. Contact us today to start your digital transformation together.

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Our Story

Where Passion Meets Niche Expertise

Hello and thank you for visiting Go Online Now! As we set out on a journey of digital transformation together, I am overjoyed to have you here. I’m Peter Buijs, the founder of this remarkable web design and marketing agency. Our story exemplifies commitment, creativity, and a deep-seated passion for excellence.

An Intercontinental Vision

My journey began in 1995, the year I realized I was meant to work in healthcare. But destiny had bigger things in store for me. I took the risk and started Hair Graphics International in 1999; it was an innovative project that prospered throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and later the rest of Europe. In 2006, I met my wife and ended up in the Philippines, where I co-founded American English Skills Development Center Inc. We worked tirelessly for almost eighteen years to establish ourselves as Southeast Asia’s leading English Business Training Center.

A Testament to Growth and a Healthy Living: Buijs Realty

Buijs Realty was created as a result of these varied experiences as evidence of our flexible objectives. Our businesses, which has its roots in the healthcare, and education, is dedicated to creating measurable success stories where they count the most. Our journey is a well-balanced combination of expertise and purpose, driven passion for helping others.

An Expertise Tapestry

Our collective knowledge is extensive and comprehensive. From my work in healthcare, where I became a dependable resource for numerous individuals on their wellness journeys, to our training courses that foster effective communication, to real estate, where we assist individuals in finding the most beautiful and healthy place to live (Rizal province, Antipolo), close to Metro Manila, and finally, to our entry into the world of digital marketing with the launch of Go Online Now in 2016. Our objective has always been crystal clear: to help businesses increase their online visibility. The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, England, the United States, and Canada are just a few of the countries from which we receive clients today. We also keep expanding our horizons.

Developing Your Digital Goals

Go Online Now serves as the focal point of your digital aspirations in the constantly changing digital landscape of the twenty-first century. We combine the art of web design, the science of digital marketing, and the finesse of specialized knowledge to create the blueprint for your success online. Our customized solutions align with the essence of your objectives whether you’re in the education, healthcare, or real estate sectors.

Expanding Your Perspective

We are prepared to write the story of your digital triumph as we combine the accuracy of healthcare, the wisdom of real estate, and the excellence of training. Join forces with Go Online Now, where passion is sparked by experience, and watch the digital world become the backdrop for your success story.

Come Create Excellence with Us!

I invite you to look around our website, learn more about the services we offer specifically for the real estate, healthcare, and education industries, and get a sense of how we turn concepts into digital realities. Contact us right away to take the next step toward digital greatness. Together, let’s create a future where Go Online Now helps you achieve your goals across all barriers.

We appreciate you considering us as one of your digital growth partners. Our goal is for you to be successful, and we are eager to start this journey with you.

Sincere regards,

Founder, Peter Buijs, Go Online Now

What We Value Most

Go Online Now is a beacon of concentrated proficiency, with an unrelenting devotion to our selected sectors of Education, Healthcare, and Real Estate. Our journey intertwines varied origins, bringing together a thriving training facility, a dynamic real estate endeavor, and a legacy entrenched in the healthcare industry. This multifaceted tapestry serves as the foundation for our web design and marketing agency.

Customer Experience

Customer experience isn't just a buzzword at Go Online Now; it's our guidepost. From your first interaction with our brand to the long-term support and marketing partnership we develop over time, our dedication to your pleasure is steadfast. Our ethos is straightforward: client service and happiness come first.

Quality Work

Every project we take on demonstrates our constant commitment to quality. The digital world serves as our canvas, where we diligently build unique and finely designed websites that are flawlessly connected with significant digital marketing services. Each website is a monument to the hard work of the Go Online Now team, which methodically crafts solutions from conception to completion.

Customer Success

Our actual passion is to see you succeed. Beyond websites and marketing efforts, we create connections that go beyond purchases. We immerse ourselves in knowing your goals, designing a shared path that leads to your online success. We're more than a team at Go Online Now; we're a family united by a common goal: to accelerate your digital achievements.


We are eternal learners, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We support the sharing of wisdom - not only inside our team but across all stakeholders - because we are committed to self-improvement. We value innovation and are continually evolving and pushing the frontiers of technology to ensure that every project we take on reflects our dedication to growth.Join us on this transforming journey as our different specialties collide with our intense desire to create a story of digital brilliance that connects with your goals. In the realms of web design and digital marketing, we stand as your partners, advocates, and champions at Go Online Now. Your victory is our legacy. `

All our services are:


We are committed to developing optimal digital strategies that promote growth and enhance sales for your brand by focusing on three important sectors: education, healthcare, and real estate. Our focus on pricing distinguishes us, and our strategic location in the Philippines allows us to provide cost-effective digital marketing solutions. This approach ensures that no organization is denied access to our great services, allowing them to achieve significant growth within a reasonable timeframe.

Real Estate, Healthcare, and Educational Business Owners, Write to us, we are here for you.





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