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The future of SEO is well-written Blog Posts that convert readers into customers.

There’s no doubt about it – high quality content writing services are the difference between page one and page 100. Let our talented and professional SEO Blog Post writing services give you the words that will make your website shine, boost the effectiveness of your Blog, improve readers’ browsing experience, get you noticed by Google, and convert readers into customers.

What does your Blog say about your business? Let us help you say the things that will be most relevant to your customers, and not things that you don’t have time for.

Benefits of a Blog and SEO Writing

Website with blogs get 67% more leads

Companies that blog are said to generate 67% more monthly leads than those who do not blog. Content serves as a resource not only for your target group but also for your industry, which is why sharing informational content such as industry news and information with your customers on your website as a blog holds importance. When more websites are linked to your valuable content, more potential leads are drawn to your site without you having to work more to generate them.

Companies who blogs regularly get 97% more link to their site

Companies who blog regularly get 97% more links to their website and help businesses generate 67% more leads just through blogs. Customers find blogs as one of the trustworthy sources of information, giving your customers a reason to trust your business, learn about your values and consider your business for the purchase decision.

Pricing Blog/ SEO Writing

Minimum Words : 500
Minimum SEO keyword : 2

For Words

$0.03/ word

For Keywords/Links

$0.10/ word

Get Ahead of Trends

Experts believe that the increasing popularity of voice search devices will shift the paradigm to relying on native languages for search purposes. Producing content that answers every question that can arise in a customer’s mind related to your business can help you rank better and holds a competitive advantage for your business. Fulfilling your customers’ requirements, providing access to traditional and voice searches and providing answers to the most common questions that can arise will help you rank ahead of your customers and generate more leads.

Shareable Blogs

Sharing new blog posts means having newly updated content that will bring new and repeat customers to your website, increasing traffic. You can also share your posts on different social media channels where your customer’s engagement is high, allowing you to promote yourself, bring in more social engagement, and reach target customers. People who follow your social media platforms can access the link to your website, increasing your traffic. A persuasive blog will help create engagement and persuade your customer to make a purchase. 

Showcase Your Services

Blogs are an excellent way to promote your products and services. You can share details and concepts about your brand, services, and products you offer in a much friendlier and interactive way through a blog. Blogs are becoming a better tool businesses use for online publishing and sharing information nuggets with their customers. If your customers perceive your blog as valuable regarding the information you share about your product or service, they will likely purchase your product and services. 

Craft your blog tactfully to promote your products and services, use it as a direct marketing tool and share extremely useful content that persuades the visitor to purchase your product.

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